The Corner Shop

Based on a true story from events that happened in the north of England.

They were just innocent young school girls, before Hassan took them into the back room of his shop.

Hassan was carful in his selection, the girls had to be young, not more than thirteen or fourteen years of age, pretty and naïve, his preference being for virgins; as only a virgin could satisfy his own perverted lust, also it was easier for him to groom the girl, blackmail and force her to work for him. if at first, she had been a virgin.

Tricking them into the room at the back of his shop, Hassan forced himself on them, and robbed the young girls of their innocents.

Then after he had raped and broken them in, he photographed the girls forcing them to pose naked in front of his camera, these photos he sent out to his special Asian friends; these were mostly older men who would willingly pay him a lot of money to have sex with young white girls.

Two or three times a week after school the young girls would have to come to his shop. Upstairs in a small bedroom above his shop, the girls were blackmailed and forced into letting his special Asian friends have sex with them.






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