The Corner Shop

Based on a true story from events that happened in the north of England.

They were just innocent young school girls, before Hassan took them into the back room of his shop.

Hassan was carful in his selection, the girls had to be young, pretty and naïve, his preference being for virgins; as only a virgin could satisfy his own perverted lust.

It was easier for Hassan, if at first, the girl had been a virgin, to groom her, then blackmail and force her to work for him. .

Tricking them into the room at the back of his shop, Hassan forced himself on them, and robbed the young girls of their innocents.

Then after he had raped and broken them in, he photographed the girls forcing them to pose naked in front of his camera, these photos he sent out to his special Asian friends; these were mostly older men who would willingly pay him a lot of money to have sex with young white girls.

Two or three times a week after school the young girls would have to come to his shop. then in a small room at the back of his shop  the girls were forced into letting his special Asian friends have sex with them.

This is one girls story

Susan was a decent respectable young girl. Attentive at school, liked sports and was learning to play the piano. She was just a sweet innocent young girl.


My name is Susan Smith, and I go to a mixed school outside London.

I am fairly tall for my age with dark blond hair and blue eyes like my mum, I suppose you could say I’m quite a pretty girl, possible a bit too slim but mum said that would change as I got older.
The photo is of me in my school uniform on my way to school, it was taken about a month before Hassan the proprietor of the corner shop tricked me into going with him into the back room of his shop.
I was a virgin, I’d never had a boyfriend, in fact I hadn’t even kissed a boy yet. I was a very naïve innocent girl.
In that back room, Hassan forced himself on me,
He was a big strong man and it was impossible for me to stop him. It was so painful when he forced himself inside me. I screamed and cried while he raped me, but he didn’t stop.
In that small dirty back room he took my virginity and stole my innocents.
Hassan was a horrible evil man, what he did to me, he didn’t even regard it as rape,   breaking me in, that’s what he called it, breaking me in so I’d then be usable for his special friends.
He videoed what he did to me, then blackmailed and forced me to work for him.
After school I had to go to his shop, then in a back room or a small bedroom upstairs over his shop I had to let, who Hassan called his special friends have sex with me.
It was awful, they were horrible smelly dirty old Asian men. I knew they paid Hassan money before they came upstairs to use me. but I don’t know how much it was. It wasn’t always in his shop where I was forced to let men have sex with me, sometimes he took me in his car, to what he called house visits.

This is my story

I lived with my mum and my younger sister Chrissy in a rented terraced house, not far from my school. So, I was able to walk to school every day with sister.
We’d lost our father, he had a heart attack, the doctors said, he was very young for something like that to happen, but that didn’t help to bring my dad back.
Mum had a job in town and she was earning just enough money to keep us, but money was pretty tight and I didn’t get any pocket money.
At the end of our road was a corner shop that sold just about everything, the proprietor was a Mr. Hassan, He was Indian or Pakistani, and a big man, with a beard. I didn’t like him; he was sort of slimy and when I was in his shop. he always used to stare at my legs, Mum had an account at the shop and often I would get the list of everything she needed and then mum would pay for all the groceries at the end of the month, when she got her pay cheque.
Things went seriously wrong when she became ill and then lost her job. Mum was now bed ridden and the doctor said it would take a long time for her to get better.

The corner shop bill hadn’t been paid for weeks; I didn’t want to go down there anymore because Mr. Hassan kept asking for the money. But mum was insistent that I went and got some food, she wrote a note for Mr. Hassan telling him that a friend of hers was going to help and she would be able to pay the entire bill next week.
Mr. Hassan was very dubious, and I had to sign some papers, which I didn’t really read and I was far too young and naive to sign any kind of agreement. But he gave me all the groceries I needed and even some money extra for my mum’s medicine. I didn’t like the way he always looked at me, he wasn’t a very nice man.
Of course at the end of the week the money didn’t come, I don’t know if mum did have a friend or not.

Mum told me, I had to go and see Mr. Hassan and tell him that she couldn’t pay him at the moment. I didn’t want to go and see him, but I had to, so I told mum I would call in and see him on the way home from school the next day.

The next day after school I went into the shop and talked to Hassan, he was very angry and told me the bill had to be paid or my mum would go to prison and my sister and I would be put in a home.
Then he told me the only way now to stop my mum from going to prison would be, if I worked in his shop two or three days a week until the bill and interest was paid.
So I agreed to come and work in his shop.
He told me to come to his shop the next day and he would show me what I would have to do. I was expecting to have to clean his shop and restock the shelves or something like that.

I didn't know then, but tomorrow would be the worst day in my in my life.

Hassan had a very a different idea as to the sort of work the young girl would be doing for him.

He had handcuffs and the video camera  ready. He had a Viagra tablet ready, which he’d take just before the girl arrived, he wanted his prick to stay hard for as long as possible to ensure he could give the little bitch a real good long hard fucking.

And when he’d finished with the young girl, he wanted to see that nice clean white towel he’d put on the bed socked  in her virgin blood.


Hassan had a dream, one day in his new house , he would have a special room and the walls of this room would be covered in frames, in each frame there would be a photo of a young girl and next to the photo would be a piece of the towel that was stained with the girls virgin blood, this would be his virgin trophy room.

As arranged the next day I went to Hassan’s shop, I was determined to work hard and get mums bill paid,  if necessary I would clean his shop from top to bottom every day after school.

As I arrived at the shop, he  got really angry again about how much money my mother owed him, he told me I was going to pay some of the debt today, or else the police would be coming to take my mother away tomorrow. And my sister and I would be put into a home.


Hassan closed and locked the shop, then he grabbed my hand and pulled me along to his back room, telling me if was a good girl then it wouldn’t take long.


I had to take off my blazer and tie. I didn’t want to, I don’t like Hassan, but I was really frightened of him, so I did what he said. Then he pulled me over to the bed and made sit on the bed next to him.

He started asking me all sorts of silly questions: Did I have a boyfriend? Had I ever had a boyfriend? He asked me if I was a decent girl. He even asked me if I was still a virgin. I supposed, it was because he only wanted to be sure he had a decent respectable girl working in his shop. So I told him the truth, I had never had a boyfriend, I was a decent girl, so of course I was still a virgin, I wasn’t that sort of girl.

Then he went on about how important it was, that I worked for him to pay off  my mother’s bill, all of it.


He put his hand on my knee, I didn't like that, I hated being touched by him.

I didn’t know what to do, I knew I had to do what he said, or my Mum would go to prison and me and my sister would be put in a home.

So I did what he said and laid back on the bed.

He immediately grabbed my hands and hand cuffed them to the top of the bed above my head. It all happened so quickly I was really frightened.

After he’d handcuffed me to the bed, he went over to the corner of the room. I saw a video camera there that I hadn’t noticed before. I think he switched it.  Then he sat on the bed and asked me if I’d been telling him the truth and was I really a decent girl.

I had been telling truth, I’ not a liar.


But he said he wanted to know for sure, and then he put his hand up under my skirt and began pulling my panties down.

Hassan quickly pulled the girls skirt up round her waist so he would be able to have a good look. With one hand he grabbed her knee and pulled her legs apart.

The girl begged and pleaded him not to touch her, but as he pulled her knees apert and told her sternly to lay still and keep her legs apart so he could examine her properly, although she was so terribly embarrassed and ashamed, as she would never allow anyone, and no one had ever touched or looked at her most private parts before,  but she was so frightened of the him, she just did what he said, and kept her legs apart while the horrible old man examined her. She felt his finger probing her while he looked between her legs it was awful, but once he knew she had been telling the truth and that she really was a decent girl and definitely still a virgin, then he would finally let her. 


Hassan bent over the young girl, carefully he used his fingers to open her, until he was able to see the small tight entrance to her vagina.

It was obvious the girl had never been penetrated, he could clearly see she still had her hymen, it was intact, there was no sign that it had been stretched, torn or damaged.

Hassan smiled to himself, he was pleased the little bitch had saved herself, a virgin still pure and untouched, she’d be nice and tight and he would really enjoy being the first man between her pretty little white legs. 


Hassan pulled her skirt down and stood up, he stared down at the frightened young girl hand cuffed to the bed, admiring  her young body. She was a pretty girl, beautiful white, slime firm young legs, that were now tightly together, he could almost feel her innocence her purity radiating out to him from between her legs, it was as if her precious virginity was literally beckoning, calling him now to be the first man between her legs.

She was a decent girl and had kept her legs together, probably intending to save herself for that very special day in her life, a day she expected to be full with love and romance, perhaps she was even dreaming of getting married in a beautiful white dress saving her precious virginity for her wedding night.

Hassan grinned to himself as he looked down at the helpless pleading young girl. there was no chance of escape for her now.


Today he would take that dream away from her, it would be utterly destroyed, and after he’d finished with her she would have nothing left to save. She would only be left with just the shame and disowner, the feeling of being used, soiled, unclean, such a dirtiness would remain with her, so she could never really feel clean again.

She was pleading again, wanting him to let her go, ignoring her, he asked her about the money her mother owed him and how was she going to pay him?

He told her he wanted the money and as she couldn’t give it to him now, then he would have to have something else as payment. something of value, enough to at least cover the interest on the outstanding debt.  

Hassan rubbed his hands together, gloating over what he was about to propose and take as payment.


Susan was horrified, as she watched him open his trousers and get his revolting penis out. He had an erection it looked absolutely disgusting, like a large fat bloated brown sausage sticking out from between the top of his legs. She was petrified and started begging and pleading him not to do anything to her.

Hassan ignored the girl, from his pocket he pulled out a tube of lubricant and as he began liberally rubbing it all over the full length of his penis. He told the girl  “This will make it a lot easier and less painful for you” Not that he really cared, she was a virgin, her vagina would be dry and tight.  it was definitely going to be painful for the girl, first having her hymen broken and then her vagina stretched and opened as he forced his large penis up inside her. But the lubricant would make it easier to get full length of his prick right up inside the tight little bitch.


Now he was ready and keen to take his pleasure, Hassan climbed on the bed quickly forcing himself in between her young legs. He opened and pulled her blouse apart, exposing a very nice pair of firm little tits. Then bending over her he took hold of his prick and guided it in between the top of her legs. As he positioned himself he told her “ Just lay still and keep your legs apart, then it wont hurt so much and it will be over more quickly”

The girl cried out to him. “ Stop it, you’re hurting me. Stop. It’s hurting”

She wiggled desperately trying to squirm move away from the man’s hard prodding penis that was being pushed up against her between the top of her legs. It was hurting now, it felt like the end of a large hard stick was trying to be forced inside her. A few times she just managed to wriggle and move away from the prodding stick between her legs, but immediately it would be back and again he would start to try and push it into the small entrance to her vagina.

As it started to hurt, she wriggled frantically, just managing to move to away from his prodding penis.


Hassan sat up, he was angry that he hadn’t managed to penetrate the tight little bitch. He took the tube of lub out of his pocket and rubbed more on his penis


She saw what he was doing  and started begging him not to do it. 

Whatever happens he mustn’t put his penis inside her, her virginity was very important to her, she had sworn that she would save herself till she was older and that very special first time, would only be with the man she was going to marry.

The other girls at school in her class, none of them had done it yet and they all intended to stay virgins until they were older.

Just one girl had made a terrible mistake, shed gone to a party without her parents consent, at the party she met an older man who seemed very nice, he’d kept filling her glass up, she’d never really drunk alcohol before and as obviously she was the youngest person at the party, she didn’t want to look stupid and refuse a drink.

At some point the man suggested to show her round the apartment. She just remembers he took her to a big bedroom, when he pushed her down on the bed the whole room was spinning and she felt terrible. She was wearing a short blue dress because she wanted to show of her long brown suntanned legs from being on holiday with her parents.

She couldn’t  really remember everything that happened in the bedroom. All she could remember was after he pushed her down on the bed,  her panties were pulled down, he grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs wide apart. The man got on top of her and pulled her dress up.

She wasn’t able to push him away. he started kissing her keeping and holding his mouth on hers.  

Then she felt a sharp pain between her legs, she screamed as forced his penis inside her, it really hurt.

She couldn’t remember much more after that.  She came too lying on a large double bed, feeling sick and a burning pain down there between her legs. Her panties were lying on the floor at the bottom of the bed and the white bed spread had a large blood stain in the middle of it.

She felt so ashamed about what had happened to her. It was awful she had lost her virginity to a complete stranger, she didn’t even know his name, he’d just pulled her pants off,  took her virginity and had sex with her. She never saw the man again.


Now with his penis covered in lub, Hassan bent over the girl again. He told her if she was going to be difficult it would only take longer and if he didn’t get what he wanted as payment she knew what would happen.


Again she felt the prodding stick between her legs, as he pushed, it really started hurting. She didn’t know what to do, clenching her fists she cried out to him to stop. As he pushed harder. she screamed, a terrible pain between her legs, it felt like he was tearing her apart then, as he forced his penis inside her vagina.


Hassan pushed hard thrusting himself further inside her. He kept pushing slowly trying to force even more of his penis inside her, but the young girls virginal tightness was making it difficult for him. He could feel her small vagina very tightly griping his penis, but after a few more hard thrusts he was able get a bit more of prick inside her.


As he lifted the girls legs up there was no resistance, Hassan knew that now the girls will to resist had finally been broken.

Holding her legs up and spread wide apart he was able to thrust himself even deeper inside her. She cried out in pain every time he thrust and forced the full length of his peins in as far as he could. He knew he was hurting her but he

kept brutally thrusting himself into the young girl, again and again as hard as he could, until eventually she lost her virginal tightness and he was finally able to get the full length of his penis up inside her tight vagina.

He continued fucking her, determined that he did  a good job breaking her in.

The little bitch needed to know why she had a hole between her legs, the quicker she got used to having a man between her legs and a prick up her cunt, the sooner she could start working for him. Her tight firm young body was going to give a lot of pleasure to Hassan’s so called special friends and they would pay well to use this pretty little bitch. She was going to make him a lot of money.

Two times he emptied himself deep inside her, filling her with his sperm before his lust was finally satisfied.

He withdrew and got off the girl, stood up and adjusted his clothing, his prick was actually hurting a bit because the bitch had been so tight.

Hassan told her:  If you tell anybody about what you did here, or go to the police. I will tell them you agreed to have sex with me, to pay off your mothers bill.

You know what people will say about you don’t you, so if you want to keep your good name then you better keep quiet about it.  

We will just keep it our little secret and nobody will ever have to know.


The girl didn’t say anything when she took the money but just mumbled:

“Please. Can I go home now”

Hassan took her to the front door of the shop, he unlocked the door and the girl went out.


He went to the back room and switched off the video camera. Looking at the bed he was pleased, the girls virgin blood had left a large stain on the white towel, he’d cut that out and frame it together with a photo of the girl, it would make a nice trophy to hang in his special room.

The video he would use to blackmail the girl into working for him and force her lure other young innocent pretty girls to his shop.

He only wanted nice decent young white girls that were still virgins.

Hassan felt very confident that his plan would work.

Hassan’s first virgin trophy picture

I walked home and went straight to the bathroom, sat on the toilet and cried, I was devasted from what that horrible man had done to me, I was in agony he’d really hurt me, I had a burning pain between my legs where he’d forced his penis inside me. Using some toilet paper I wiped myself, I was still bleeding and all wet there and it wasn’t just blood, he’d ejaculated inside me and filled me with his disgusting sperm.

I knew I’d been raped; it was rape, he’d forced himself on me. I felt so dirty and ashamed, that horrible revolting old Pakistani man had raped me, he had taken my virginity, I definitely wasn’t a virgin anymore now. The first time a man puts his penis inside your vagina he takes your virginity, that’s what that horrible old man had done to me and now I was branded a slut, no-one would touch me again, if anyone found out what he’d done to me, I wouldn’t be able to show my face again anywhere – no-one would realise that what he’d done to me wasn’t a choice. and he hadn’t just put his penis inside me, he’d kept on repeatably thrusting it back and forth in side me, even while I was screaming in pain because it was hurting so much, but he hadn’t stopped. Not until he had finally satisfied his lust. The horrible old man had had sex with me, it was non-consensual sex, he’d forcefully used my body against my will to satisfy his lust. It was rape.


I knew, that after you have been raped, you shouldn’t take a shower, or wash yourself, but first go to the police and hospital, if you showered and washed before, then all the evidence would be destroyed.

But if i went to the police, I knew exactly what people would say about me, even if I was believed, they would still point a finger at me, I would be branded as a slut, Paki meat, a Paki fuck bag, I knew all the names they’d use, they would say that I willingly opened my legs to an old Paki to pay off my mother’s bill.  At school they treat me like a slut, no nice boy would want to go near her, I would be regarded as soiled unclean,  fucked by a dirty old Paki.

I made a decision then, and went in the shower. nobody must ever know about this, I would never ever say or tell anybody about what he had done to me, I had to keep it a secret, nobody must ever find found out about what had happened to me.

I showed and washed, again and again I washed myself desperately trying to wash away the dirtiness and that unclean feeling because of what that horrible man had done to me.

After a long shower I was clean, but still felt dirty and used, I was still bleeding a little, and his revolting sperm, like a milky coloured substance kept oozing out of my vagina. 

Laying on the bed she closed her eyes, she still had a burning pain between her legs and her tummy was aching from where he’d kept repeatably thrusting his penis up inside her. Her small breasts were hurting  from where he’d been squeezing them while he did it to her.


My virginity had been very important to me, I’d wanted to save myself, I had  been a very decent innocent girl before that horrible man had forced himself on me. What would happen now when she met a nice boy, what would she say,  he would expect her to be a virgin, Would he know, could a man tell if she wasn’t still virgin. Perhaps she would heal like wounds did and nobody would know. She hated Hassan for what he had done to her and decided that she would never go near his shop again, unless she really had to, and she would never let that horrible old man or any other man ever touch her again…  

Unknown to Susan, unfortunately, Hassan had some very different plans for her future.


It was a good week later her mother spoke to her, the fridge and food cupboard was empty so her mother had phoned Mr Hassan and he understood their situation, he was very willing to help, and  Susan could come to the shop and get whatever they needed.

The next day, very unwillingly after school Susan went to the corner shop and got two bags full of groceries. Hassan didn’t say anything, apart the she could take whatever she needed it was free. She couldn’t leave the shop quickly enough after filling the bags.


Soon, the food cupboard was empty again, but mum said it didn’t matter, the nice Mr. Hassan at the corner shop would let them have everything they needed.

She dreaded going there, she hated seeing that man. But next day, after school again she had to go to his shop to get the groceries they needed.

This time it was different, after filling the bags Hassen told her. Before She could take the groceries home, he first wanted payment.


She was petrified, she would never ever let him touch her again and she told him. If he ever touched her again, she would go straight to the police.


Hassan laughed as he held his phone out and showed her the photo he had of her.


She was absolutely horrified when she saw the photo.

It was a photo of her on the bed in his back room, he was on top of her between her opened legs, it was disgusting you could see that he was having sex with her.

Then he showed her another photo and another, you could see everything, and he even had a photo of her sitting on the bed taking  money from him.


Her eyes filled with tears, as he continued telling her, he could give her the photos so she could show them to the police, he could also give them to some of the boys from her school that came in his shop.  It was her decision.


She looked down at the floor, not knowing what to do, she was really petrified that someone might see those photos.


He continued telling her that she didn’t have to worry he wasn’t going to do anything to her, because he could only be satisfied when he had sex with a decent innocent clean young girl that was still  pure and virginal, he’d taken her virginity, her innocence. He’d had what he he’d wanted from her, now that she been used, she was of no further interest to him.


Hassan came round the counter and grabbed her arm, he told her, she would have to go to the back room with him now, for about 20 minutes, he wouldn’t do anything to her, he just wanted to take some photos of her, that was all.

Then he pushed her in the direction of the back room.


She knew she didn’t really have a choice; it was either do as he said, or it would mean no food, which they really needed and then what he would do with the photos he had, which she couldn’t bear to think about. If it was only photos, then he wouldn’t have to touch her.


Hassan led her to the back room, she didn’t resist. But she was absolutely dreading going into that back room with him again.

As he opened the door and she saw the bed  and it all came back to her again, what he’d done to her on that bed that she’d tried so hard to forget.

She knew what sort of photos he would want, but she would have to do it.


Once in the back room, Hassan told her to stand by the bed, then he got his phone out and started taking photos of her.

She heard the phone clicking as Hassan took about 3 or 4 photos

Then he told her to take her blazer and tie off, unbutton and open her shirt, pull it down off her shoulders, so he could get a nice photo of her tits. 


She felt so terribly ashamed as she unbuttoned and opened her shirt.  shy and embarrassed she exposed her breasts.

But this horrible man had seen her breasts before, and a lot more, he had taken her virginity, had sex with her, so what modesty could she possibly have left now.

Hassan photographed her, telling her what a good girl she was, he only wanted a few more photos and then she could go home.

Then he told her to leave her shirt open and pull her panties down to her ankles.

Then with her panties down she had to pull her skirt up and hold it up round her waist, so her private parts were exposed, while he took more photos.

Hassan liked the way how she stood there, ashamed and embarrassed keeping her nice white legs closed and knees pressed firmly together.

He laughed to himself, next week she would learn how to open and keep her pretty little legs wide apart so his customers could take there pleasure.


This little bitch was going to make him a lot of money.


Then he made her turnaround and hold the back of her skirt up so he could photograph her bottom.

After he finished taking the photos she was allowed to take all the food and go home.


Hassan was very pleased, the photos were good, she really was a very pretty girl with a nice body.

Later today he would send the photos out by email and telegram to his special friends, Hassan knew for sure that when they saw her photos, many of them would be keen to use her young body.


He wouldn’t charge too much this first time as he wanted the girl broken in properly. So, for only £50 each, they could use the bitch  for 10 minutes, that should be plenty long enough to fuck and empty themselves in her. And £50 was a very fair price for a very pretty, young white schoolgirl, that had hardly been used.

After the bitch had been broken in, he would make her work for him, every day after school in the back room, once she got used to it, she should easily manage at least 7 to 10 men a day. That would be good money.


On her next visit to his shop he would tell her he just needed a few more photos, of her, but this time tied to the bed.

Once the bitch was tied securely to the bed, then the 5 or 6 men that would be waiting, could take it in turns to use her. That would teach the little bitch to know why she had a hole between her legs and what it was for.




It was about a week later, mum told her, on the way home from school to stop off at the corner shop to collect the shopping. she had phoned Mr Hassan and given him the list off what they needed.


Hassan, after talking to the girls mother had quickly arranged for 5 or 6 men to come to his shop. they were all older Asian men, friends off Hassan who had seen the photos of the young girl and they were all verry keen to come round and help break her in.




When Susan arrived at the shop, Hassan had the shopping her mother had ordered ready for her to take,  She saw it packed in bags behind the counter.

Hassan was serving a customer so she waited at the counter. Hassan was a horrible man and she hated him because of what he’d done to her. She felt so ashamed and disgusted.

Finished serving the customer Hassan turned to her, he told her  he just needed a few more photos of her and then she could have all the groceries her mother had ordered.

Her heart sank, she really didn’t want to do that, but she realised if she didn’t, Hassan wouldn’t give her the food and they had nothing at home to  eat.

Very reluctantly, knowing she had no choice, she went with Hassan to the back room.

In the back room he told her he just wanted a few photos of her tied to the bed. He handcuffed her hands together in front of her,  then she had to get on the bed and lay on her back.

After she got on the bed he handcuffed her hands to the bedstead above her head, Then he pulled her panties down and slipped one foot out of her panties ,she was frightened now and pleaded to him not to do anything to her. He told her not to worry, he wasn’t going to have sex with  her.


Hassan then sat on the bed next to her, he told her he had to examine her. Then he put his hand up under her skirt. She pleaded to him “No please” as he pushed his finger up inside her vagina. “Stop it please” she begged  as felt his finger moving inside her vagina.

Hassan, keeping his finger inside her, he told her:

“I did a good job breaking you in” he laughs , your definitely not a virgin any more now, but still nice and tight. Your usable now”  

Taking his hand away from between her legs, he told her, “Today your going to learn how to earn money for me, and enough to pay your mothers bill and keep your family fed”

Then he put straps round her ankles and pulled her legs wide apart, tying  the straps securely to each side of the bed to ensure her legs would be kept open and spread wide apart.

Hassan stood up looking down at the young girl tied to the bed, she really was a very pretty girl , it was a shame, he would have liked to enjoy her young body a few more times, but at least he’d had the satisfaction of being the first man between her pretty little legs, he’d enjoyed taking her precious virginity.  but now it was time for her to start making money for him .

There were four men already waiting in the shop and another three would be arriving shortly, after they had all taken it in turns fucking her, she would be well used and soiled. Hassan would never have sex with a girl that had been used by another man.  After today he would definitely never touch this dirty little bitch again,  he would just teach her how to give a good blow job, as a lot of his customers would want that service as well.

She hadn’t had it up the arse yet and he’d told the men that were going to use her today not to do that. The girls arse was still virginal and he had a buyer who would pay a lot of money for a young white girls nice tight little unused bottom.

Out side the door Hassan talked to two of the waiting men.


In the room the girl waited expecting Hassan to come back with his camera.


To her horror a man came in the room, a complete stranger, an Asian man that she had never seen him before. He closed the door and walked over and stood by the bed, looking down at her.

He didn’t say anything, but just stood there staring at her at.

Then with a filthy grin on his face, he started undoing his belt and open his trousers, Horrified, she realised what the man intended to do to her.

She screamed at him and begged him not to do anything to her.

As he got on the bed she yelled for Hassan to come and stop him. She desperately tried to free herself. Pulling as hard as she could, trying to get her feet out of the tight straps were round her ankles that were keeping and holding her legs spread wide apart.

But it was futile the straps were so tight, it was impossible for her to get free.

He quickly undid the buttons on her blouse, opening it enough to expose her small breasts.

He got his penis out and positioned himself in between her opened legs.

She felt him between the top of her legs and wriggled vigorously to get way from his prodding penis. He put a hand on her chest,  pushing down with his wait to keep her sill. she screamed as he pushed his penis inside her, it didn’t really hurt as he penetrated her. she was actually expecting it to be a lot more painful, when Hassan had done it to her that first time and taken her virginity she’d screamed in agony it had been so painful but she knew that was because she’d been a virgin then.

The horrible man on top of her pushed hard, as he began to force his penis further and deeper inside her, he told her:

Mean while out side the room

She just wanted him to finish, but his thrusting started getting quicker and quicker, he was grunting like an animal on top of her now as he began to have sex with her.

Finally after a few moments he pushed hard into her and gasped loudly.

Then he lay still for a moment panting.  

Now that finally he’d been satisfied and ejaculated inside her, it was over, he’d done what he wanted to, he’d had his enjoyment, he was finished with her now. The man withdrew, pulled his penis out of her, got off her and stood up.


Standing by the bed, she watched him do his trousers up and leave the room. He never said another word,  just went out the door, closing it behind him.

She could feel a wetness between her legs now, she knew it was from him, he’d ejaculated inside her and now his revolting sperm was oozing out of her vagina,

She just laid there sobbing, she just felt  so disgusted and ashamed.

The door opened again, but it wasn’t Hassan coming to let her go, but another Asian man,  he walked towards the bed undoing his trousers.

The horrible man got on the bed, she tried begging and pleaded him not to do it, but it didn’t stop him. He quickly positioned himself between her opened legs, she saw him get his penis out, he had an erection, with his revolting penis sticking out like a brown sausage from his opened trousers he bent over her.

It didn’t hurt as he pushed his penis inside her,  it was just awful, so disgusting, she felt so dirty

 She just laid there sobbing while he did it to her. He was quicker then the man before, as soon as he’d satisfied himself he got off her and left the room.

After him, there was another man, and as soon as he finished another man came in the room, she just laid there, tears running down her cheeks while they did it to her.

Finally after the forth man had finished and left the room, Hassan came in, he sat on the bed. Telling her:

“You’ve been a good girl, I know it was very difficult for you, but believe me millions of girls all over the world do this, they do it to make money to support their families. Now listen, I have just another two gentlemen still waiting to use you”

 “Please no, No more, I beg you, please,  let me go home” She begged him.

"Don’t be silly, Just two more and then you can go home, I’ll give you some extra money and you can take as much food as you can carry".

Hassan continued:

“Now listen, If you do exactly what I tell you to, then I’ll untie you. Or I can leave you tied up like this and find another 10 men to fuck you.

Then Hassan told her exactly what she had to do.

“I want you to sit up on the bed with your blouse done up. When the man comes in,  you will unbutton your blouse and open it, so he can see your tits,  then lay back flat on the bed, pull your skirt up round your waist. then open and spread your legs wide apart, so you’re ready for the man to use you. Do you understand”?


She didn’t know what to say. Hassan continued, “Listen, if you don’t do as your told, Then I will keep you strapped to the bed, while I find another 10 men to use you and after they have finished with you. you wont be taking any shopping home with you. Now are you going to be a good girl and do as your told?


She knew she didn’t have a choice, she’d have to do what he wanted.

With her eyes still full of tears she pleaded to Hassan:

“Please only two, just two more and I’ll do what you want”

Hassan smiled to him self, as he untied her, the girls will to resist had finally been broken She was learning to accept the fact that she would have to let men have sex with her.

He handed her some tissues to wipe herself, he could see she was all wet now between her legs, the men’s sperm was now oozing out of her vagina and dribbling down on to the bed between the top of her legs.

He told her after each man has finished with her, she had to wipe herself, do her blouse up, then sit and wait on the bed for the next customer.

She sat on the bed Hassan held her arm. Listen he said, and he reminded her again, to do exactly what he’d told her to do.

After Hassan had gone, she sat on the bed looking at the door, she felt so dirty and ashamed, she just desperately hoped that the door wouldn’t open and their wouldn’t be another horrible man.

But to her dismay the door opened, a man came in, another horrible Asian man, he was old and scruffy just like the others had been.

The man  stood by the bed looking at her, waiting.

She knew what she had to do, she didn’t have any choice

As she reached for the top button on her blouse. she thought how much she hated Hassan and what he was forcing her to do.

Reluctantly, She unbuttoned her blouse, she just felt so disgusted with herself as she opened and pulled her blouse apart so horrible man standing by the bed could see breasts.

The man stared at her exposed breasts. She did as Hassan had told her and laid back on the bed, she saw the man undoing and opening his trousers, readying himself to use her body, to take the pleasure he’d paid for, his pleasure not hers.

She did what she’d been told to do and pulled her skirt up round her waist.

The man got his penis out, she looked away, turning her head to the side she very unwillingly opened and spread her legs wide apart ready for the man to use her.

As she opened her legs the man said she was a good girl.

He got on the bed, she closed her eyes not wanting to see the horrible man while he did it to her.

Quickly the man positioned himself between her opened legs, she so desperately wanted to close her legs and push the horrible man away.  But she just laid her there, her fingers tightly grasping the bed sheet.



She felt him between her legs. Please god let it be over, make him finish quickly.

She gasped as he pushed his penis in her. Immediately he started to move it back and forth inside her. His hands on her breasts, holding and squeezing them while he did it to her. She kept her eyes tightly closed, but she could smell the horrible man on top of her, he stank like an Indian take away.

The man didn’t take long, grunting  loudly as he finally quickly reached his climax, and emptied himself in side her, finally now satisfied, the horrible smelly old man withdrew and got off her.

When he left the room she took a tissue, his revoting sperm that he’d ejaculated inside her was  now dribbling out of her vagina, she wiped herself, did her blouse up and pushed her skirt down.

Sitting on the bed, she looked at the door, again desperately hoping that another man wouldn’t come through it.

But it did open, and another horrible Asian man came in.

As he walked towards her, She looked away from him,  then unbuttoned and opened her blouse, laid back on the bed and pulled her skirt up round her waist, she closed her eyes and opened her legs. Again she closed her eyes closed not wanting to see the horrible man. His smell, him touching her and feeling his revolting penis being pushed inside her was disgusting enough, she didn’t want to look at him while he did it to her.

He took his pleasure,  finishing quickly he left the room. While she was wiping herself  Hassan came in. He told her he was very pleased with her and that she was a good girl. he just had one more customer and then she could go home, he’d give her some extra money.

She knew she wouldn’t be able to refuse and Hassan knew that as well.

He left the room telling her to get ready

She didn’t have long to wait before another man came in. he was an old small and skinny Asian man, but well-dressed, not scruffy like the others had been.

He got on the bed knelling between her opened legs. His hands moved over her body felling her, he spoke to her:

“You are a beautiful girl”,  he said in his Pakistani accent. While his hands were moving up and down feeling her legs, he continued.

 “Still nice and fresh, Hassan said, you’ve hardly been used. He bent over her, she felt his horrible penis touching her between her legs.

“Do your parents know you do this?” He asked her.

She didn’t answer him, she kept her eyes closed not wanting to say anything, tears filled her eyes she just felt so terrible ashamed then as he pushed his penis inside her.

With his hands holding her small breasts now as he moved inside her, he spoke again

 “You’re a Good girl, that feels good, and your still nice and tight. I can feel you haven’t been used a lot. Shame your tits are a bit small, but you’ve got a good body.

He began moving his penis slowly back and forth inside her. Still he kept talking to her.

“I bet you were you a good catholic girl, decent, kept your pretty little legs together, saving yourself were you?  Hassan said you were a virgin, he told me  he’d enjoyed taking your virginity, well it feels like he certainly did a good job breaking you in.

She hated what he was saying,  she didn’t want to want to listen to what this horrible old man said. she just wanted him to finish and get off her.

His thrusting got faster and harder. As he said to her.

“That’s better, good girl, I’ve nearly finished. just going to empty myself in you now”

Then he thrust hard, gasping loudly as he ejaculated his filthy sperm deep inside her.

Finally finished, he withdrew and got off her. The man did his trousers up and then to her dismay he sat down on the bed beside her, she quickly pushed her skirt down and rebuttoned her blouse, she just wanted this horrible man to go away now.

He put his hand on her knee, she clamped her legs together, but he kept his hand on her knee. Telling her.

“You were well worth the £50 I paid to have you, I’ll definitely be back to see you again. I enjoy fucking a nice young white schoolgirl, especially one as pretty as you. I’m sure a lot of men will enjoy using you, you’re going to make a lot of money”

Then the man reached into his pocket, he took some money out, as he put it on the bed next to her he told her.

“Here, this is a little extra for you , because you were a good girl.”

She looked at the money it was a lot more then £10 Was she supposed to say thank you, she didn’t know what to do, but the man had already got up and was leaving the room.

She grabbed the money, got up and put it in her blazer pocket, then she wiped her self.

She thought about what the man had said,  he’d paid £50 to use her. She wondered, the others had also paid, probably, £50 each. Six men had done it to her, that was £350 Hassan had made with her today.

A few moments later Hassan came in the room.  He gave her £50 and said he would deduct some from her mother bill but he didn’t say how much. He told her any tips she got she could keep. Then he pointed to a small video camera that was hidden up on the shelf telling her, that now  he had a very nice video of her, showing exactly how willing she’d been pulling her skirt up and opening her legs for the men to have sex with her, and being paid for it.

He grabbed her arm telling her:

“Listen, Nobody will want you now,  if they ever find out what you’ve done here today, no nice boy is ever going to want to touch you again, From now on you belong to me, your my bitch now, you understand”

Hassan continued:

“Your going to work for me, every day after school you will come here,  so a few of my special friends can have sex with you, you will do that until you mothers bill is paid in full. Or that nice video of you is going online for all your school friends to see.”

He continued:

I’ll give you £50 a day pocket money and you can keep any tips you get. If you don’t do what I want, that video will show everyone around here what a dirty little slut you are, you will be expelled from your school, no more free food from my shop and I will demand your mothers bill is paid in full or I will get the police, you know what that will mean.”

“And listen, you have to find another nice pretty young girl for me, find one at  your school and bring her here to my shop. and remember she must be a decent girl, whose kept her legs together, I want a virgin you understand? just like you were. If you bring me a nice girl, I’ll  give you £500 and then you won’t have to work here every day after school. Just bring her here to the shop, He pushed her towards the door, saying.  “You start work tomorrow and when you come to the shop I want you to wear a shorter skirt”

Back at home after having a shower she sat on her bed and thought about what had happened to her. Including Hassan, seven men, had now had sex with her. Hassan had raped her and then she’d been forced to let that other men do it to her. She felt disgusted with herself, the men had all been Asian, horrible dirty old men but when they did it to her at least it hadn’t been painful, not like the first time, when Hassan had raped her, she’d been a virgin and had never been touched by a man before Hassan had raped her, it had hurt so much, never in her life had she felt pain like that before when Hassan had taken her virginity.  Hassan had a very big penis, far larger that the any of the other men that she had been forced to have sex with. Now she knew why he’d  kept brutally thrusting his peins into her as hard as he could making her scream in pain.  Breaking in, that's what he called it.  She’d been really sore for three days after that. She remembered the horrible skinny little man, after he’d finished doing it to her, he’d told her that Hassan had done a good job breaking her in.

I didn’t want to go to his shop after school tomorrow and I knew the only way out would be to quickly find him another young girl. 

I knew one girl at school, the girl was new to the school, she was pretty with dark hair and very slim, a little bit younger then herself.

She was nice decent, church going and came from a good family, so she would definitely still be a virgin, just the type of girl Hassan wanted.

Next day at school I befriended the girl and started chatting with her. Her name was Tracy and she was really a nice girl, it was very easy to get some information out of her, She’d never had a boyfriend, her parents would never allow that, they were very strict. she went to church every Sunday with her parents. For her it was definitely no sex before marriage, she’d made a promise to god that she would stay a virgin till she got married.  

She was just the sort of girl Hassan wanted. Somehow I would have to trick the girl into coming with me to Hassan’s shop. But as luck would have it that problem was suddenly solved. The girl told me that her  PlayStation was broken and her parents couldn’t afford to buy a new one till Christmas. No problem, I told her she could have mine to use till Christmas,  but I would have to show her how it worked, as there was a small problem switching it on, but it works fine. She could pick it up today straight after school and then on the way to my house I would tell her I just had to get some groceries from Hassan’s shop

Unfortunately she couldn’t do that today as she was leaving school early, her dad was coming to collect her, but she could pick it up tomorrow and get the next bus home.

I was devastated, that meant I would have to go to Hassan’s shop and he’d force me to go into his back room, I was be terrified, those horrible men again, I just couldn’t do that. But maybe if I could find a photo of her and show him then I wouldn’t have to do it.

In the school library there was a computer and a printer. It was easy to find her Facebook page , I found a nice photo of her and printed it off to show Hassan.

After school I went to Hassans shop. I remembered he wanted me to wear a shorter skirt, so, just before I went into the shop I pulled my skirt up so it was much shorter, then I went into the shop and showed Hassan the photo of the new girl I had found for him.

While he looked at her photo I told him what a nice girl she was and that she had never had a boyfriend, she was definitely a virgin, I knew for sure, because she’d told me she was going to save herself, until she gets married. I would bring the girl to his shop tomorrow, straight after school.

Hassan looked at the photo of the girl, she was certainly very pretty, a bit young but old enough, she he had a very slim body and nice firm slender white legs, the girl looked very sweet and innocent in her school uniform.

Hassan smiled to himself, Yes, he would really enjoy robbing this sweet young girl of her innocence, taking her precious virginity would certainly be very satisfying and after he’d finished taking her innocence and broken her in properly, then he would force the little bitch to work for him. Yes, he knew for sure, that his special friends would pay well to use her young body.


As Hassan looked at the photo of Tracy, I pleaded with him not to make me go into the back room , I was dreading having to do that.

Then he told me, I didn’t have to, not today.  I was so relived, thank god I didn’t have to do that. But then he told me, he had to pick up some stuff and collect some money, it was about a ten minute drive and I would have to help him.


I agreed, as anything was better than having to go into the backroom of his shop.

I sat with him in his car and we drove to another part of town.

He eventually we pulled up outside a house, it wasn’t a very nice area. We got out the car and walked up the path to the front door.

It was opened by a Muslim women wearing a Burqa.  She led us through a kitchen where a young boy about eight years old was sitting at the table drawing.

We went into another room. In this room two men were sitting on one side of a corner couch,  Hassan and I sat on the other end. Once we were seated Hassan and the two men started talking in there language. I obviously didn’t understand, so I just sat there waiting. The two men kept staring at me, I felt very uncomfortable and it didn’t help that my skirt was now so short. I didn’t  like the way these two men were looking at me.

Hassan talking to the two men in his own language:

“Now, what do you think? I told you, I’d bring you a nice fresh young white schoolgirl, she’s got a good body, nice firm little tits and good legs”.

Hassan continued. “And she’s still nearly a virgin, I took her virginity and broke her in myself just a few days ago, she was pure and had never been touched by before, so she has hardly been used, she’s fresh, clean and still nice and tight. Both men looked hungrily at the young girl, admiring her slim legs and they both agreed she was very usable, one of them reached into his pocket, he took some money out and handed it to Hassan, it was the agreed amount for each man to take his turn using the girl.

Hassan countered the money and put it in his pocket. Where do you want her, he asked. One of the men laughed and replied. Right here, on the mattress by the coffee table. Then when one of us is doing her the other can use his phone to film it.

Hassan didn’t mind that, as long as they didn’t hurt or damage the girl, as he had more customers waiting to use her tomorrow, and he was pleased, because if they videoed her and showed the film to there friends then he would get more customers.

Finally I saw one of the men hand some money to Hassan, he countered it and put it in his pocket. I thought now that he got the money we would leave now. Hassan told me to stand up, so I did, thinking we were going now.

Then he told me to take my clothes off.

I couldn’t believe what he had just said, and then he said it again.

“Take off your clothes”.

 I looked at the two horrible men sitting on the  couch staring at me, tears now welled  up in her eyes as I realized now what these men were waiting for and why I was here. I knew what the money was for and what Hassan wanted me to do.

“Please no. Please, I don’t want to this” I begged Hassan

I watched as one of the men got up, he went and turned the key in the door, locking the door he put the key in his pocket and walked over to the big window, he closed the curtains and sat back down on the couch.


I didn’t know what to do, there was now no escape from the room now, or from what Hassan wanted me to do.


Hassan looked at the girl,  she had started to cry now, but he had expected that, the first few times would be difficult, especially as she had only just been broken in. but the bitch would soon get used to it.


Hassan reminded me again, telling her “you don’t want anyone or your friends and parents to see your nice dirty videos or know what you have been doing in the back room of my shop do you”.


I wiped away a tear, I knew I would have to do what he wanted. I just didn’t have any choice.

Again Hassan told me: “Come on now, take off your clothes, you can leave your shoes and socks on”

My hands were shaking as I unbuttoned my blouse. She slowly removed her clothing and undressed, finally removing her panties.

Now naked apart from my shoes and socks I felt so ashamed, using her hands she tried to cover her private parts.

One of the men got up, he came over to me, taking hold of my arm he pulled me over to the mattress.

Finally, the horrible man on top of her gasped loudly as he ejaculated inside her, then he laid still on top of her for a moment before he withdrew.

Now that he’d finished taking his pleasure and his lust had been satisfied he got off her, as he returned to his seat at the table the other man got up and, as he walked over to her she saw him began to undo his belt and open his trousers.

Hassan kept reading a magazine while the second man then had sex with her. He didn’t take so long as the first man, quickly he reached his orgasm and ejaculated inside her. As soon as he’d emptied his sperm inside her, then just like the first man he got of her


After that she was allowed to get dressed, before I got back into Hassan’s car he gave her some tissue to put inside my panties,  he said, he didn’t want any of the men’s filthy sperm dribbling out of my vagina onto his car seat.


We drove back to his shop in silence, at the shop he gave me £50 telling me I’d  been a good girl. He went on to say, that girls all over the world did this sort of work, it was nothing to be ashamed of, many girls even younger than I was, had to fuck at least 10 or 15 men a day to make enough money to  feed there family’s .


I walked home I felt so terribly ashamed at what he had made me do and I knew I was trapped there was no escape for me now. I would just have to do what he wanted. I just hoped that tomorrow when I brought him the new girl he would be  pleased with her, then after he’d broken her in, he wouldn’t need me any more.


I did feel bad about bringing Tracy to his shop, she was really a very nice innocent girl. the poor girl it would be a terrible experience for her when Hassan took her into his back room and what he would do to her. I knew from first hand experience how awful it had been. Hassan had tricked me into going into his back room, he’d forced himself on me, when he took my virginity I’d screamed in pain. It had been absolute agony, I’d never felt such pain like that before. Finally after Hassan had taken my virginity and finished breaking me in, I was really sore for the next 4 days.


The next day:

Walking together the two girls arrived at Hassan’s corner shop, the innocent young girl Tracy had no idea what was about to happen to her. Today would be a day in her life that she would never forget,  and it would change her life for ever.

Walking together the two girls arrived at Hassan’s corner shop. Tracy the new girl was very innocent, she had absolutely no idea what was about to happen to her. Today would probably be the worst day in her life, the girl would never be able to forget what Hassan was going to do to her and it would change her life for ever.

Hassan was waiting in the shop, he had every thing ready in the back room and even had a bottle water and a Viagra tablet on the shop counter ready to take.

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