The Corner Shop

Based on a true story from events that happened in the north of England.

They were just innocent young school girls, before Hassan took them into the back room of his shop.

Hassan was carful in his selection, the girls had to be young, pretty and naïve, his preference being for virgins; as only a virgin could satisfy his own perverted lust.

It was easier for Hassan, if at first, the girl had been a virgin, to groom her, then blackmail and force her to work for him. .

Tricking them into the room at the back of his shop, Hassan forced himself on them, and robbed the young girls of their innocents.

Then after he had raped and broken them in, he photographed the girls forcing them to pose naked in front of his camera, these photos he sent out to his special Asian friends; these were mostly older men who would willingly pay him a lot of money to have sex with young white girls.

Two or three times a week after school the young girls would have to come to his shop. then in a small room at the back of his shop  the girls were forced into letting his special Asian friends have sex with them.

This is one girls story

Susan was a decent respectable young girl. Attentive at school, liked sports and was learning to play the piano. She was just a sweet innocent young girl.


My name is Susan Smith, and I go to a mixed school outside London.

I am fairly tall for my age with dark blond hair and blue eyes like my mum, I suppose you could say I’m quite a pretty girl, possible a bit too slim but mum said that would change as I got older.
The photo is of me in my school uniform on my way to school, it was taken about a month before Hassan the proprietor of the corner shop tricked me into going with him into the back room of his shop.
I was a virgin, I’d never had a boyfriend, in fact I hadn’t even kissed a boy yet. I was a very naïve innocent girl.
In that back room, Hassan forced himself on me,
He was a big strong man and it was impossible for me to stop him. It was so painful when he forced himself inside me. I screamed and cried while he raped me, but he didn’t stop.
In that small dirty back room he took my virginity and stole my innocents.
Hassan was a horrible evil man, what he did to me, he didn’t even regard it as rape,   breaking me in, that’s what he called it, breaking me in so I’d then be usable for his special friends.
He videoed what he did to me, then blackmailed and forced me to work for him.
After school I had to go to his shop, then in a back room or a small bedroom upstairs over his shop I had to let, who Hassan called his special friends have sex with me.
It was awful, they were horrible smelly dirty old Asian men. I knew they paid Hassan money before they came upstairs to use me. but I don’t know how much it was. It wasn’t always in his shop where I was forced to let men have sex with me, sometimes he took me in his car, to what he called house visits.

This is my story

I lived with my mum and my younger sister Chrissy in a rented terraced house, not far from my school. So, I was able to walk to school every day with sister.
We’d lost our father, he had a heart attack, the doctors said, he was very young for something like that to happen, but that didn’t help to bring my dad back.
Mum had a job in town and she was earning just enough money to keep us, but money was pretty tight and I didn’t get any pocket money.
At the end of our road was a corner shop that sold just about everything, the proprietor was a Mr. Hassan, He was Indian or Pakistani, and a big man, with a beard. I didn’t like him; he was sort of slimy and when I was in his shop. he always used to stare at my legs, Mum had an account at the shop and often I would get the list of everything she needed and then mum would pay for all the groceries at the end of the month, when she got her pay cheque.
Things went seriously wrong when she became ill and then lost her job. Mum was now bed ridden and the doctor said it would take a long time for her to get better.

The corner shop bill hadn’t been paid for weeks; I didn’t want to go down there anymore because Mr. Hassan kept asking for the money. But mum was insistent that I went and got some food, she wrote a note for Mr. Hassan telling him that a friend of hers was going to help and she would be able to pay the entire bill next week.
Mr. Hassan was very dubious, and I had to sign some papers, which I didn’t really read and I was far too young and naive to sign any kind of agreement. But he gave me all the groceries I needed and even some money extra for my mum’s medicine. I didn’t like the way he always looked at me, he wasn’t a very nice man.
Of course at the end of the week the money didn’t come, I don’t know if mum did have a friend or not.

Mum told me, I had to go and see Mr. Hassan and tell him that she couldn’t pay him at the moment. I didn’t want to go and see him, but I had to, so I told mum I would call in and see him on the way home from school the next day.

The next day after school I went into the shop and talked to Hassan, he was very angry and told me the bill had to be paid or my mum would go to prison and my sister and I would be put in a home.
Then he told me the only way now to stop my mum from going to prison would be, if I worked in his shop two or three days a week until the bill and interest was paid.
So I agreed to come and work in his shop.
He told me to come to his shop the next day and he would show me what I would have to do. I was expecting to have to clean his shop and restock the shelves or something like that.

I didn't know then, but tomorrow would be the worst day in my in my life.

Hassan had a very a different idea as to the sort of work the young girl would be doing for him.

He had handcuffs and the video camera  ready. He had a Viagra tablet ready, which he’d take just before the girl arrived, he wanted his prick to stay hard for as long as possible to ensure he could give the little bitch a real good long hard fucking.

And when he’d finished with the young girl, he wanted to see that nice clean white towel he’d put on the bed socked  in her virgin blood.


Hassan had a dream, one day in his new house , he would have a special room and the walls of this room would be covered in frames, in each frame there would be a photo of a young girl and next to the photo would be a piece of the towel that was stained with the girls virgin blood, this would be his virgin trophy room.

As arranged the next day I went to Hassan’s shop, I was determined to work hard and get mums bill paid,  if necessary I would clean his shop from top to bottom every day after school.

As I arrived at the shop, he  got really angry again about how much money my mother owed him, he told me I was going to pay some of the debt today, or else the police would be coming to take my mother away tomorrow. And my sister and I would be put into a home.


Hassan closed and locked the shop, then he grabbed my hand and pulled me along to his back room, telling me if was a good girl then it wouldn’t take long.


I had to take off my blazer and tie. I didn’t want to, I don’t like Hassan, but I was really frightened of him, so I did what he said. Then he pulled me over to the bed and made sit on the bed next to him.

He started asking me all sorts of silly questions: Did I have a boyfriend? Had I ever had a boyfriend? He asked me if I was a decent girl. He even asked me if I was still a virgin. I supposed, it was because he only wanted to be sure he had a decent respectable girl working in his shop. So I told him the truth, I had never had a boyfriend, I was a decent girl, so of course I was still a virgin, I wasn’t that sort of girl.

Then he went on about how important it was, that I worked for him to pay off  my mother’s bill, all of it.


He put his hand on my knee, I didn't like that, I hated being touched by him.

I didn’t know what to do, I knew I had to do what he said, or my Mum would go to prison and me and my sister would be put in a home.

So I did what he said and laid back on the bed.

He immediately grabbed my hands and hand cuffed them to the top of the bed above my head. It all happened so quickly I was really frightened.

After he’d handcuffed me to the bed, he went over to the corner of the room. I saw a video camera there that I hadn’t noticed before. I think he switched it.  Then he sat on the bed and asked me if I’d been telling him the truth and was I really a decent girl.

I had been telling truth, I’ not a liar.


But he said he wanted to know for sure, and then he put his hand up under my skirt and began pulling my panties down.

Hassan quickly pulled the girls skirt up round her waist so he would be able to have a good look. With one hand he grabbed her knee and pulled her legs apart.

The girl begged and pleaded him not to touch her, but as he pulled her knees apert and told her sternly to lay still and keep her legs apart so he could examine her properly, although she was so terribly embarrassed and ashamed, as she would never allow anyone, and no one had ever touched or looked at her most private parts before,  but she was so frightened of the him, she just did what he said, and kept her legs apart while the horrible old man examined her. She felt his finger probing her while he looked between her legs it was awful, but once he knew she had been telling the truth and that she really was a decent girl and definitely still a virgin, then he would finally let her. 


Hassan bent over the young girl, carefully he used his fingers to open her, until he was able to see the small tight entrance to her vagina.

It was obvious the girl had never been penetrated, he could clearly see she still had her hymen, it was intact, there was no sign that it had been stretched, torn or damaged.

Hassan smiled to himself, he was pleased the little bitch had saved herself, a virgin still pure and untouched, she’d be nice and tight and he would really enjoy being the first man between her pretty little white legs. 


Hassan pulled her skirt down and stood up, he stared down at the frightened young girl hand cuffed to the bed, admiring  her young body. She was a pretty girl, beautiful white, slime firm young legs, that were now tightly together, he could almost feel her innocence her purity radiating out to him from between her legs, it was as if her precious virginity was literally beckoning, calling him now to be the first man between her legs.

She was a decent girl and had kept her legs together, probably intending to save herself for that very special day in her life, a day she expected to be full with love and romance, perhaps she was even dreaming of getting married in a beautiful white dress saving her precious virginity for her wedding night.

Hassan grinned to himself as he looked down at the helpless pleading young girl. there was no chance of escape for her now.


Today he would take that dream away from her, it would be utterly destroyed, and after he’d finished with her she would have nothing left to save. She would only be left with just the shame and disowner, the feeling of being used, soiled, unclean, such a dirtiness would remain with her, so she could never really feel clean again.

She was pleading again, wanting him to let her go, ignoring her, he asked her about the money her mother owed him and how was she going to pay him?

He told her he wanted the money and as she couldn’t give it to him now, then he would have to have something else as payment. something of value, enough to at least cover the interest on the outstanding debt.  

Hassan rubbed his hands together, gloating over what he was about to propose and take as payment.


Susan was horrified, as she watched him open his trousers and get his revolting penis out. He had an erection it looked absolutely disgusting, like a large fat bloated brown sausage sticking out from between the top of his legs. She was petrified and started begging and pleading him not to do anything to her.

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