Hassan had every thing ready in the back room for the new girl .



Finaly the shop door opened and the two school girls entered his shop.

Hassan looked at the new girl, he immediately thanked the almighty for sending him such a beautiful young virgin. The girl was stunning, very pretty, she looked so sweet and innocent standing there in her white socks, she had beautiful slim white legs, he was going to enjoy being the first man between those pretty little legs. While the girls looked round the shop, he picked up the water bottle and swallowed the Viagra tablet.


Hassan with a bar of chocolate concealed in his hand walked round the counter and stood in front of the girls. He grabbed the new girls arm and with his other hand he reached inside her blazer pocket and pulled out a bar of chocolate.

“Stealing from me, I won’t tolerate this”  He said loudly, holding the bar of chocolate up.

Still holding the girls arm he continued:

I’m calling the police, I’ve had enough of you young school kids coming into my shop and stealing everything you can.

The girl was shocked, she had never stolen anything in her life, never ever would she steel from anybody, She couldn’t understand how that bar of chocolate had got into her pocket. She started pleading to the man that she hadn’t done it.

Hassan told her “Yes that’s what they all say. Now I’m taking you to my office and then calling the police”

As Hassan pulled and virtually frog-marched the pleading young girl to his backroom, he noticed the other girl quickly leave the shop.

Once in the back room Hassan closed the door behind them. He stood in front of the girl and told her what was now going to happen to her.

“I’m going to call the police, they will then take you to the police station, you will be searched and your parents will be called. You will be charged with theft. expelled from your school and you will have a black mark on your record for the rest of your life”

The girl was frightened now, crying she stammered and pleaded that she was innocent.

Hassan told her:

“I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, you seem like a nice girl, so I’m going too give you a chance. First, take off your blazer and tie so I can search your pockets”

With out question the girl did as she was told. Hassan quickly searched her blazer, then he put handcuffs on her, telling her, he would search her and if he found nothing else he would just punish her for stealing the chocolate, not call the police and let her go. The girl nodded in agreement she didn’t what him to call the police.

With the hand cuffs on he made her sit on the bed. Then pushing her back on the bed he pulled her handcuffed hands up over hear head and fixed them to the frame at the top of the bed. there was no chance of escape for the her now, she was his to do what he wanted too.

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