The Virgin

Be a good girl
Put your hands down,
Look at the camera and say how old you are.

Madam Parkers House of Pleasure.


Virgin For Sale

Just arrived



Hymen intact



For the buyer we supply:

Secure soundproof room with cameras and video recording equipment

Bed with straps and leather restraints,

Large section of toys, whips and other BDSM equipment.

Vibrators and a wide selection of objects for insertion available. Please click on video

For the buyFor the buyer we supply er we supply


Model Wanted for video & photo. Face will always be hidden if requested.

Well paid.

Please contact Mike Gritty

At Madam Parkers House of Pleasure


The video of an innocent young girl being raped and forcefully having her virginity taken, would sell well on the Dark Net


Madam Parkers story coming soon


First before a girl can be sold as a virgin she will have to be examined.

The examination only takes a few minutes

One of Madam Parkers trusted experienced workers examines the girl, by inserting his finger into the girls vagina, he will be able to feel if her hymen is still intact.

An intact hymen is regarded as the only real definite proof that the girl is still a virgin.


Her buyer a Mr. Smith was a regular customer, he was an elderly wealthy gentleman from London and would arrive the following morning to take his pleasure. Mr. Smith had enjoyed having many young  virgins at Madam Parkers, His preference being for, pretty, dark haired, slim sweet innocent young virgin girls,


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Madam Parkers House of Pleasure

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